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Interview – Stephen Dupont

Photo magazine, Edition 45, Aug-Sept 2012

Stephen Dupont

“Of course luck is something that is always present and you rely on this, but like I said earlier, I think you almost create your own luck”.  Stephen Dupont

The creative master offering leads to something profound, exciting and undoubtedly…emotional. Read More…


Interview – Christopher Anderson

Photo magazine, Edition 44, June-July 2012

Christopher Anderson l Photo by Natalie Keyssar

“Im not a missionary and it’s not my purpose to save the world. I take photos. And I share reflections of my experience”. Christopher Anderson Read More…

Interview – Jim Goldberg

Photo magazine, Edition 43, Apr-May 2012

Jim Goldberg l Photo by Manuela de Leonardis

He entails layers of originality, empowering the ‘language’, enticing and leaving traces to confront your perception. Read More…

Interview – Chris Bickford

Photo magazine, Edition 41, Dec-Jan 2011/12

Chris Bickford

“The art of mistakes: embrace it. Otherwise you are doomed to the boring and predictable.You’re completely lost in the meaning of art”.  Chris Bickford Read More…

Interview – Simon O’Dwyer

Photo magazine, Edition 40, Oct-Nov 2011

Simon O’Dwyer

“Don’t put me in a box and give me a label”  Simon O’Dwyer

When fine art and photojournalism collide, the creative and subjective prevail. For the sake of the survival of galleries and publications. Read More…

Interview – Prime Collective

Photo magazine, Edition 39, Aug-Sept 2011

Prime Collective are Lance Rosenfield, Brendan Hoffman, Melanie Burford, Max Whittaker, Charlie Mahoney & Dominic Bracco ll

“We’re a collective, not an agency”.  Lance Rosenfield

Fresh tools, upgraded models, ascending challenges . A new era . Yes… they are ready! Read More…

Interview – David Alan Harvey

Photo magazine, Edition 38, June-July 2011

David Alan Harvey

The streets are his homework. Everyday life is his inspiration. The way both communicate to his camera became his legacy. Read More…

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