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Visa pour l’Image 2012 Highlights

 By Audrey Bardou and Laura Montanari

 I don’t understand, Jean François Leroy wanted the picture in Raw, and then next year the majority was with Photoshop, what happened JFL ??!! -Audrey  bardou-
 “Too many: French photographers talking about the world outside France.Very few: French Photographers talking about France.
– Laura Montanari-

Audrey, our French photo junkie is back. Notes, and the same enthusiasm with eyes and heart wide opened. Ladies and gentlemen, our welcome to Laura, our Italian photo junkie bringing the flavor in a passionate, honest  point of view by photo and writing records. If they are strong voices by their own, imagine the result when they collaborate in a common mission! Photography lovers, the best festivals seekers… something says they’ll be back soon!  They’re rocking  Photo Junkie world! Read More…


Photokina 2012 Highlights

By Thomas Bregulla

“look… with your camera you can do great pictures like these too”

 Our gentle German photo junkie was working, wandering and spying around Photokina installations. The right man in the right place. Someone you respect the opinion on any tech debate, the one 100% addicted on good photography and 100% committed to support it and to spread the word

Photokina, Cologne (Germany) , September  2012

A total of 1,251 exhibitors from 45 countries. More than 180,000 visitors from 165 countries. And 6,307 journalists from 73 countries. The numbers speak for themselves Read More…

Rencontres d’Arles Highlights

by Audrey Bardou

(our sweet French Photo Junkie)


“and yes, I’m a little  photographers groupie type,  and I collect signed postcards!”

Our French photo junkie princess Audrey spent 2 days at Arles (2012)  and try to guess which photographer gave her one more postcard…

Arles (France), July 2012

From 2nd-8th July in Arles there were: Read More…

Look 3 2012 Highlights

by Panos Skoulidas

Charlottesville (USA), June 2012.

“Im not gonna judge it, but if I were, I’d say…”

The one and only insane genius revolutionary photo junkie Panos Skoulidas was at Look3 2012. His report highlights the work of David Doubilet, Lyndsey Addario, Stanley Greene, Camila Seaman, Alex Webb, Dona Ferrato & Bruce Gilden. Read More…

Head On Festival Highlights

Sydney, Australia, May 2012

“I arrived in Sydney with expectations and natural enthusiasm. I came back full of notes, names and supra satisfaction”

Now in its third year, the Head On Photo Festival is Australia’s biggest photo festival and the second largest in the world. Activating over 114 venues in Sydney, through more than 230 exhibitions and events the 2012 festival showcased the work of over 1190 photographers. Read More…

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