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Zun Lee By Roberta Tavares

Zun Lee Interview – Photomagazine # 50

Portrait by Carolyn Beller

Portrait by Carolyn Beller

this project is a tribute of sorts to both my dads – one who raised me but with whom I had a problematic relationship, and one I never knew but who nonetheless seemed to have guided my life in very tangible ways  – Zun Lee-

The absence, the pursuit and the confrontation.

So, with these three elements in mind, it is built the  following dialogue with the photographer Zun Lee who comes stirring up the industry with his sensitive assay, already well recognized internationally, on the black father figure. Read More…


Jacob Aue Sobol by Roberta Tavares

PhotoMagazine # 49    Feb/March    2013

Jacob Aue Sobol

Jacob Aue Sobol

How would my vision evolve, if I tried to get close and connect with people in my country? What will happen if I try and shoot the society in which I grew up and the people with whom I share language and appearance?  -Jacob Aue Sobol-

“I did an interview with Jacob Aue Sobol “ One of the things to risk from my bucket list. Happy. Honored. And what Jacob somehow teaches is that nothing is visible at first sight for closer, direct, obvious as it may get to you. The immediate, common sense, ordinary, ‘ the same of the same’ should be ignored. Read More…

Interview: Laura El-Tantawy

Photo Magazine # 48 – Dec/Jan 2012

Laura El-Tantawy

Laura El-Tantawy

I still feel that I have something to prove, but the weight has shifted from having something to prove to others to actually being able to prove it to myself. I am my harshest critic. When I look in the mirror this becomes evident to me and this is when the issue of identity and photography become one. -Laura El Tantawy-

My Christmas gift  arrived  earlier.  My interview with Laura El -Tantawy ; a photographer, a professional and a woman  I direct some profound admiration and prompt attention for what she builds as signature:  a poetic, lyrical, subjective way to see, to feel and to talk to you and yes..she has a lot to say Read More…

Article : Left Behind

Photo Magazine – Edition 46 – Out.Nov 2012

Kerry Payne

I did not walk around the fire, I went straight into it, fanning the flames as I approached  – Kerry Payne

Left Behind is being the work introducing her to the world. Magazines, billboards in pivotal cities, governments’ awareness initiatives, manifests, photo festivals, because this project  emerged  with  a purpose, not only her own personal journey…And now she gave me the honor to bring it to Brazil

Read More…

Interview – Stephen Dupont

Photo magazine, Edition 45, Aug-Sept 2012

Stephen Dupont

“Of course luck is something that is always present and you rely on this, but like I said earlier, I think you almost create your own luck”.  Stephen Dupont

The creative master offering leads to something profound, exciting and undoubtedly…emotional. Read More…

Interview – Christopher Anderson

Photo magazine, Edition 44, June-July 2012

Christopher Anderson l Photo by Natalie Keyssar

“Im not a missionary and it’s not my purpose to save the world. I take photos. And I share reflections of my experience”. Christopher Anderson Read More…

Interview – Jim Goldberg

Photo magazine, Edition 43, Apr-May 2012

Jim Goldberg l Photo by Manuela de Leonardis

He entails layers of originality, empowering the ‘language’, enticing and leaving traces to confront your perception. Read More…

Interview – Chris Bickford

Photo magazine, Edition 41, Dec-Jan 2011/12

Chris Bickford

“The art of mistakes: embrace it. Otherwise you are doomed to the boring and predictable.You’re completely lost in the meaning of art”.  Chris Bickford Read More…

Interview – Simon O’Dwyer

Photo magazine, Edition 40, Oct-Nov 2011

Simon O’Dwyer

“Don’t put me in a box and give me a label”  Simon O’Dwyer

When fine art and photojournalism collide, the creative and subjective prevail. For the sake of the survival of galleries and publications. Read More…

Interview – Prime Collective

Photo magazine, Edition 39, Aug-Sept 2011

Prime Collective are Lance Rosenfield, Brendan Hoffman, Melanie Burford, Max Whittaker, Charlie Mahoney & Dominic Bracco ll

“We’re a collective, not an agency”.  Lance Rosenfield

Fresh tools, upgraded models, ascending challenges . A new era . Yes… they are ready! Read More…

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