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Wedding Photography…Now I see !

Photo / Pete Longworth

Talented and successful advertisement and documentary photographers who accepted the challenge to break the stigma and to prove that wedding photography can be introduced in some high level of visual narrative and it isn’t about the kind of photography, but the kind of photographer

It’s the proof  how susceptible you  likely to feel while exposed to the power of  a beautiful -well executed- strong image. Read More…


GOALLLL!!!! It’s gone to Brazil!

Brazilian Photography … IF all that comes to your mind is Sebastião Salgado…

Time to open your eyes !

Here the brazilian photographers dreamteam I carefully selected for the challenge. They are hungry for the game, succeeding in all the positions and bringing trophies home Read More…

Rising Stars…..

Here I focus in on several photographers that I’ve recently discovered including some rising stars behind the lens. This post includes introductions to: Adam Patterson; Laura El- Tantawy; Sebastian Liste; Walter Astrada; Jukka Onnela; Danny Wilcox Frasier; Dominic Bracco ll; The Super Aussie Squad (Kerry Payne, Andrew Quilty and David Maurice Smith); Pete Longworth; &Vissaria Skoulidas.  Read More…

Books & Essays

Featured in this post are reviews of books and essays by some very talented photographers. Look out for: Anton Kusters; Sam Harris; Panos Skoulidas; Zun Lee; Federica Valabrega; Bob Black; Richard Beaven; Anna Maria Antoinette; Natalie Grono; Lance Rosenfield; Murray Fraser; Andrew Steiner; David McGowan; Michael Webster, Cameron Neville & Tracey Tomtene.  Read More…

Let's Do It!

Let's Do It

vagabonds and villains

My travels and the people I have met along the way

Bucket List Publications

Indulge- Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences

Exposure and Other Worldly Morsels

World Travel, Adventure and Documentary Filmmaking

Momental Impressions

I'm only here for the magic

Photo Junkie Club

I'm not a photographer...but it's all about photography

burn magazine

burn is an online feature for emerging photographers worldwide. burn is curated by magnum photographer david alan harvey.

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