About this blog

A photo feast, a photo orgy, a free flowing photo party. You are invited and thanks for showing up. I do hope you enjoy this place and this tribe, that you can wander around or simply sit down, relax and indulge yourself. Please feel free to comment on any of the posts. Here follows a little explanation about the purpose of the main categories on the site plus the overall philosophy behind this space and consequently the addiction we are all  a victim of.

                                                                  Roberta Tavares

In Print

A series of published interviews I’ve been honoured to conduct for Photo Magazine (Brazil). An emotional approach based NOT on how reknowned and prestigious the photographer is, but what led to that status and how they still continue enriching and revolutionising the field.

On Walls

Insights into the big international photo festivals and some of their highlights. Personal reviews coming from inside the gatherings. Spies, collaborators, and fellow photo junkies bringing the best of ‘what’s really going on’ in the scene.

In Focus

Take a note and watch them climb. Promising and emerging names. Rising stars creating a buzz, winning prizes, getting editors’ attention. Plus essays to check out, books for the bookshelf and brilliant ideas shared.

All Exposed

Midnight musings and meanderings…the nightmare of creative minds. My own experience, my own understanding , my own craziness.  It’s my diary and I open the pages.

Philosophy of the site…..

It’s about curiosity…..

The first insight alluring the  mind. Some assumption to justify the hungry restless nature of evaluation, afflicting for the right to have something to say and to be absorbed by reticence (and I love that). Some passionate alarm to intrigue passion itself, to defragment truths, to meet the exquisite in the edges, to suck on life’s contradictions. Curiosity can be lethal, but which life would you choose for yourself? If it’s being curious, it makes me an investigator, a voluntary risk seeker, a sponge for knowledge, an obsessed observer, the learning athlete, a predator of common sense, sometimes hero, sometimes inconvenient…I’m here holding the road map. That  still has me hung up on the intrepid ways to follow this compass. Please, tell me this it isn’t the right way. I dare you!

It’s about meaningfulness…..

Some time ago I thought what would be the ultimate objective: legacy. To make sense , to make a difference, to spread the message, to convert, to touch, to change, to lead the revolution. To call yourself “someone”. In recent days, I learnt that it’s also about being the target, the tool of inspiration, receiving the message, being convergent, being touched, the one who changes and who supports the revolution. To recognise ‘them’ and allow them to bring the meaning. To be their ‘someone’, to do your best and to do it well. Meaningfulness is still about greatness.

It’s about power….

Don’t fear adversity, greet the unknown, give credit to the unexpected, react and feel the weight of impact. Power comes with responsibility and a silent commitment to manage it.

It’s about exposition….

Time to step out the comfort zone… to embrace the awkward, the uniqueness of differences, to dig deep and to suffer, to regret and if you survive that, to find the middle ground of personal awards and reminders of vulnerability

It’s about dualities….

To like and to buy it, to do it for yourself and others, the clues for the right and the wrong, what I see and what you translate, to walk between the dangerous and the exciting, the humble and the genius.

It’s about freedom….

That’s you on the road and with no guarantees…dealing with the real dilemma…can you honour your choices, can you be the seeker in search of those? I know what I’m passionate about. Do you?

It’s all about photography….

Curiosity, meaningfulness, power, exposition, dualities and freedom.

It’s all about me….

It’s humbly about me…it’s pretentiously about my personal, sentimental, intimate  and subjective way to approach photography, to be addicted to it: my heroin, my cocaine,  to be questioned and let free my willingness to sense. If you can talk to me in this language, despite any English mistakes and jumbled sentences coming your way, if you can meet me patiently in this familiar unquiet road, if you can recognise yourself wandering around (where you are of course welcome), then you can add a new adventure to your experiences ..and suddenly it becomes about you and time to say ‘Oh yes…That’s it. Give me a hit’

Enjoy reading!

Roberta Tavares


One response to “About this blog”

  1. Feanare says :

    Hi Roberta! Love what you are doing here. And I’m looking forward to discover what more stuff you are up to. Great knowing there are more photo junkies out there! 😀

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