Visa pour l’Image 2012 Highlights

 By Audrey Bardou and Laura Montanari

 I don’t understand, Jean François Leroy wanted the picture in Raw, and then next year the majority was with Photoshop, what happened JFL ??!! -Audrey  bardou-
 “Too many: French photographers talking about the world outside France.Very few: French Photographers talking about France.
– Laura Montanari-

Audrey, our French photo junkie is back. Notes, and the same enthusiasm with eyes and heart wide opened. Ladies and gentlemen, our welcome to Laura, our Italian photo junkie bringing the flavor in a passionate, honest  point of view by photo and writing records. If they are strong voices by their own, imagine the result when they collaborate in a common mission! Photography lovers, the best festivals seekers… something says they’ll be back soon!  They’re rocking  Photo Junkie world!

Perpignan (France) , September 2012

Photo Courtesy / Laura Montanari

Audrey : “Visa pour l’Image = Best photojournalism festival !!! and it’s free !
You don’t need to get as accreditation to visit the exhibitions and the evening screenings. The accreditation is just necessary if you want to show your work to the agencies.

Since more than 10 years I have been at Visa, I saw the festival changed, before it was more news and shocking images, now it is more long term projects with a look… and more and more the using of Photoshop ( I don’t understand, Jean François Leroy wanted the picture in Raw, and then next year the majority was with Photoshop, what happened JFL ??!! )

Photo Courtesy / Laura Montanari

Laura:  Yes, for the seventh time I’ve attended Visa pour l’Image, THE FESTIVAL of photojournalism, in Perpignan.

Located only 170 km from Arles– and difference of  two months between festivals –  it is quite different, especially for the very friendly and lively atmosphere.

Someone says that it has changed. But who/what is always the same?

Photo Courtesy / Laura Montanari

Audrey:  I need photo festivals , I need to look to the new and old work. It is my vacations, photos to get inspired. And this year, I could only go for one day, then I don’t feel I’m the best person to talk, making a whole description about Visa pour l’Image 2012, but I can give you an overall idea how was my day wandering in the festival (I can say I made the best of it ) and  what got me more impressed …

Photo Courtesy / Laura Montanari

Laura: Every year this is the appointment to meet colleagues, old friends.

Many collectives, ideas and publications – and not only that – were conceived here.

This year, maybe because my MAC PRO just died the day I left for Perp,  I couldn’t play the game “editing with the editor”, and I had all the time to dedicate to the official program: exhibitions, master talks, night screenings.

Photo Courtesy / Laura Montanari

Audrey:  Here there are my 3 favorite exhibitions :

Erika Larsen : Sami – Walking with the Reindeer (Norway) so beautiful… so… so… beautiful, intimate, sweet (may I say sweet for pictures ? yes..I can ) I am a fan since I saw her work at Lookbetween festival

Doug Menuez : the Digital Revolution (1985-2000) a traditional documentary approach with his interpretation, and I love his humor in this work…

The both exhibitions were in one my favorite place in Perpignan : Couvent Sainte Claire, convent and old prison.

_ IIvy Njiokiktjien, Afrikaner Blood : the Born Free Generation, Canon Female Photojournalist Award 2011, her work is on the school of the nostalgia of the apartheid, just perfect…

Photo Courtesy / Laura Montanari

Laura:  A good point? The talks: “meet the photographers”.

Unmissable the one with Stanley Green, Stephanie Sinclair and Robin Hammond. Revitalizing the one from Sebastian Liste. And a “must” the Elle round table session “Have women been betrayed by the Arab revolutions?” together with the presentation of ‘The Bosnia Book Project: Bosnia 1992-1995’

Something to improve? The prints of the exhibitions… may be for the glass, yes, the glasses of the frames separate me from my absolute love… the physical  photography. I want nothing between us…

I want to touch with my eyes the surface of a Ilvy Njiokiktjien or  Stephanie Sinclair picture…

Surviving the sauna of Convent de Minims, also this year I came back home with some highlights by images and  impressions:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

– the pastel pictures of Erika Larsen,”Sámi, the people that walk with reindeer” portraying a daily life – and death – in a hard land with a whispered parlance;

– the missed regard of Rémi Ochlik, one of the few that shows us the Arab Spring from an emotional pov that seems as close as a diary;

– the body of work of Robin Hammond, BN classic photography for an old but already existing and well pointed out situation;

– the “Guantanamo” of Mathias Braschler & Monika Fischer: going beyond the low key style the portraits are deep and talk about a story.

The best: the concept of the collective Rawiya   “she who tells a story.

Too many: French photographers talking about the world outside France.

Very few: French Photographers talking about France.

Generally speaking there was a higher lever of Photography in the night screenings from the one that were taken from the inside, from the homeland.

See you next year. 





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