Article : Left Behind

Photo Magazine – Edition 46 – Out.Nov 2012

Kerry Payne

I did not walk around the fire, I went straight into it, fanning the flames as I approached  – Kerry Payne

Left Behind is being the work introducing her to the world. Magazines, billboards in pivotal cities, governments’ awareness initiatives, manifests, photo festivals, because this project  emerged  with  a purpose, not only her own personal journey…And now she gave me the honor to bring it to Brazil

See Original Published article (Portuguese) /See English Translation


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2 responses to “Article : Left Behind”

  1. Milli says :

    Amazing quote! Goodbumps …may we all live this bravely.

    • Photo Junkie Club says :

      Milli… you are an inspiration fountain and thanks so much for being around, your comments and your ability to bring goodness by your thoughts . That can seem simple,you being you and fulfilling it with expression, but nothing is more rewarding to me than that. Like I said before… you are more than welcome..always and always

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