It’s all about timing…

If there is one word  that can function well  with photography that’s “timing”

Photography is a exercise of time, an enslave of timing.

Right moment, right place, the  fraction of moment you breath, the arrangement of faculties you can not even  name or explain, the precise choice and instinct performing the spectacle and spectacular, you push the shutter  and that’s the second that wins,  the second that determine everything

Did you notice how one minute, one gesture, one simple object can make the difference and to change concepts, to alter conception,  to break  rules,  to twist  the world as we know, to fix a day in historical events , conserving them like a trademark forever, redefining calendars, and how powerful you could feel being part of that?

That’s the feeling I dare to depict when I’m trying to imagine Arthur Sasse holding the camera and competing for space when  Einstein set his big tongue as a protagonist of so many  translations that will be in the air in each moment your teacher shows you that picture. It was just a tongue

Imagine that officer dressed in a blue uniform, carrying the French flag  that wasn’t in the picture, but he was there listening to the Declaration of Rights and Man and Citizen . It was just one letter

And the cadet washing the floor of the ship exactly when Cristovão Colombo looked by his binocular and he saw sweet America? It was just the wrong route .

And Darwin’s assistant during his 5 years trip while Darwin was writing the essay about natural selection? It was just one book

Imagine the surprise of the lady waiting to Cleopatra when she ordered  to be wrapped down  in a red carpet and offered to Julius  Caesar. It was just one carpet.

The researcher in control room when he listened to Armstrong says: “That’s one small  step for a man, one giant leap for humankind” It was just one step

The people in the first row when Marilyn Monroe took the microphone and sang happy birthday to president Kennedy . It was just one song

Also, we need to consider the veterinarian who took care of dolly before she was cloned. It was just one sheep

The guy who sold the cigar to Bill Clinton? It was just one cigar

The driver behind the limo transporting Princess Diana when the paparazzi was ruthless and restless to get  the first page of a celebrity magazine. It was just one photo

The desperation of the passenger looking to the window minutes before the airplane crashed into the world trade center . It was just one plane.

Do you notice that few  minutes,  one word, one gesture, one simple object can make whole difference and change the concept, to break the rules, to twist the world as we know, to fix a day in historical events, to conserve it as trademark forever, redefining calendars, how powerful you could feel being part of this?

Well…photographers certainly do


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