GOALLLL!!!! It’s gone to Brazil!

Brazilian Photography … IF all that comes to your mind is Sebastião Salgado…

Time to open your eyes !

Here the brazilian photographers dreamteam I carefully selected for the challenge. They are hungry for the game, succeeding in all the positions and bringing trophies home

Anderson Schneider-   Documentary photography/Conceptual

Anderson personalizes all the concepts of a brilliant documentary work without crossing over traditions and specially embracing, bouncing, evoking all the contemporary urges for expression. It assumes a particular relation , not a image first and then to figure out the meaning to justify it. He’s basically seeking the message and if the image comes out, and  it radically will, that’s the price for being honest not with a style, but with his signature. Prepare yourself for strong images incorporating techniques to preserve the unpredictability and a panel of thoughts deliberately conceptual. From blur, shades, exposition, the images appeal and when you notice, your eyes are wandering in this genius photographer’s work again..over again…viciously  again.

If you check his work,  and I count on you to do it, you won’t feel surprised with his constant nominations for  Eugene smith ,Grant, the NPPA award for the best of photojournalism



Araquém Alcantara –  Landscape

Araquém is an indispensable name that instantly stands any criterion, efficient discursion focused on landscape. Araquém is an artist. He’s a star comprehending his surrounding, each organism compounding it, the transcending beauty. He elevates environment to a new genre: interaction. All the elements, fauna, flora, human parcels in the whole…they simply dance, they  suddenly seduce. He’s  a color master and definitely makes Brazil proud for directing his eyes and enriching what’s already considered our treasures. The main publications (with the caliber of National Geographic) agrees …you will be the next.


Mauricio Lima- War and Conflict

If is given atrocities the power of making  storytelling emerges as legacy for History archives, takes one Mauricio Lima to bring part of this responsibility to Brazil. He’s our version of João Silva, and if you add to that image sips of compassion, thoughtful direction of one hostile orchestra coming from a hell in earth ..That’s his main endeavor. That’s Mauricio  Lima and here the main truth about the man: He accomplishes each mission with the same idealistic eyes and braveness in heart that insert his name to a status that  often entices France Press, New York Times and best international contests in photojournalism (like ‘the wire photographer of the year’ by Times )

He does the job, he delivers and he always comes back home.



Christian Cravo-  Communities – Black Culture

He made the dry (‘dry’ assuming a connotative and denotative appropriation) scenarios of Northeast realities to excel in black and white and for the first time we can actually get in something different, when it’s comprehensibly natural for historical and environmental standpoints, the saturation of images covering this area and the projection of the black culture, but Christian is something else…he can swing strong at Cristina Garcia Rodero territory , really expressive and majestic, and also soft and simple, but the directions decided for him will meet in the same outcome:  all flows magnificently

Don’t hesitate


Mario Cravo Neto-  Conceptual Portraits

The word of order is evidently one: Subjectivity

It creates a whole new pattern to his style and legacy…It  gave him  a gate for his personal experience  to move forward and to  blend with  creative tools outside. He rescued the mythical , the culture, the religion, the faces destined to prove a point and to make everything ends up  in question marks , and then… feelings . Rest in peace, teacher!


 Patricia Gouvêa-  Fine Art

The creative power of the brazilian female. Even I put myself in a need for judgment and definition, it doesn’t seem smart enough to fix her in a label, cause this woman knows photography…not surface, not part of this or that, she knows it. And what does she do with that? She comprehends, she innovates, she respects and she proposes new challenges. She won’t  provide a genre, or to set boundaries, but a way out for expression, for the language she feels the responsibility to connect, to solve codes. In each piece, each jag, you want steal her concepts for your walls. Each essay works as an empiric mystery, like I said she will be in peace with the codes, but she will be restless defying you to search for the answers. Are you ready?


Daniel kfouri –  Sports

Daniel is a fascinating documentary photographer. Period. You can see by your own eyes.

There’s a detail about Daniel that blows me away. Daniel is a documentary photographer who does also sports and commercial . It’s a powerful combination. No other name will inspire more  in this category as his name already does. He’s  precise but still with that commitment to tell the story, to give the anguish, excitement, tears, sweaty, smiles, the champion myth, the ritual, the provocation, the perfect composition style. The  full- on package rising with sports and witnessed in everything in life. He taught me that it isn’t that easy and that’s the main point that intrigues me, because looking at his photos  it seems so natural, such a perfect sync and sensitiveness to make it all dance. He’s published everywhere, he’s signed for main publications , assignments, Nike got him, he’s made himself get into the agency Caju  (recently founded agency representing the most extraordinary names in brazilian scene)  WordPress is constantly nominating him, and Brazilians…we  are constantly applauding . He’s a champion!

Sidenote: He was telling me some tales of  his career, and there’s one in specific that still sounds  good every time I remember: A client (major famous company) called him up ”we need you in Italy now and please there will be another photographer, an Italian one, keep your eyes on him, making sure he’s doing everything right” Daniel gently replies ”Sure…and what’s the name of this Italian photographer?”   “ Ah.. wait..it’s here…Paolo Pellegrin”



Severino Silva- Photojournalism

Severino is from the old pj school. He entails all the legendary photojournalism style . That precedes him. I warn you that it has nothing to do with fame, with the romantic glamorous ‘dolce epoch’ of photojournalism. It has a lot to do with the constant evidence of his passion for the occupation, the adrenaline driving him in the same way as 30 years ago, the same obsession and unconditional love on having his eyes in promptitude. He’s always ready with his 24 hours cameras bag around his body.  So humble presence that emphasizes the honor to check his adventures at street and also the fortunate time you stop to talk to him. He’s a constant lesson.

I admire the work, but first and foremost I admire the man

Calé- Portraits

His work varies between editorial , fashion and commercial

His works isn’t only defined by portraits, but looking this angle of his artistic practices, it’s impossible don’t fell compelled to emphasize it.

I’d introduce him as our male version of Annie Leibovitz . There are two undeniable facts characterizing his photographic journey.  First: all the brazilian celebrities want to be in front of his camera (or they should be), because Calé isn’t worried to frame a face, but there’s a whole set of perspective, narrative , details leading to express that individual role, a expression, a signature. He does, he transposed the objectivity limits and he creates this poetic seductive mirror.  Second: Calé isn’t only a privilege for celebrities and that’s when he’s even more outstanding, once that’s the chance he  has to  prove a pact with the story, independent if that comes from a famous smile or tears of  a humble human being, the art will be treated with the same impetuous  …



Walter Firmo-  Street Photography

A ‘A class’ photographer I have a profound respect for his biography and the stories he’s been reflecting. His doesn’t lack in any ability if he’s compared to the ‘big guys”. He’s the  brazilian closer crossing of David Alan Harvey and Miguel Rio Branco. The dignity felt in his photos , his connection with the subjects, the composition, lighting and their gaps for imagination. He’s a gentle soul in brazilian photography and its high standards.  Listening to him and you know it:  he’s born to be a photographer but he faced  life being  sure he ‘ d make himself a great one. He’s been succeeding.


Ac Junior  – Comtemporary  Urban Issues

I could describe him, and to pill up a bunch of compliments, but I can save it all and to be even more coherent  if I describe the day I was introduced to his long term project : ‘Baixo Estácio’. (Please, check Baixo Estácio)

I was with David Alan Harvey checking on AC’s  exhibition : “So,do you like it, David?”  ”Roberta, write down his number and his email address . I really want to publish this in Burn. This photographer is doing a great work here ”

Evidently I began to pay attention on him, I had the opportunity to meet him in  several occasions, more I know about him and about his new projects, more I’m delighted that we had made to his exhibition


Marcelo Buainain- BW Poetry

He makes you wonder, whispers, dreams, he makes you floating in his notions and  you travel with him. He breaks time, he drags tear and brings smiles, he makes you think and he celebrates the beauty and intensity on how to see it..

Definitely my kind of photographer

Guy Veloso – Religion

Everything related to religion…that’s his “Meca”. I’m not a religious person, and I hardly feel so enthusiastic about essays on this direction , cause religion itself is a theme that entails so much interesting elements, combine with the scenarios created for the religious  practice, the  feeling you can get from people, it seems that all is already theatrically set and you can’t go wrong in such intense atmosphere. It still seems predictable and many photographers fail front of clichés and cold blooded expected events. Guy Veloso IS NOT one of them…it’s superb how profound he can go, despite of the journalistic input we begin to be aware of  how he gets himself into the complexity of it. He’s stubborn with the commitment to have  it emotional…spiritual.  From film, digital, black and white and color…if someone can do this kind of photography  in Brazil , that’s  him. Believe me



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