Rising Stars…..

Here I focus in on several photographers that I’ve recently discovered including some rising stars behind the lens. This post includes introductions to: Adam Patterson; Laura El- Tantawy; Sebastian Liste; Walter Astrada; Jukka Onnela; Danny Wilcox Frasier; Dominic Bracco ll; The Super Aussie Squad (Kerry Payne, Andrew Quilty and David Maurice Smith); Pete Longworth; &Vissaria Skoulidas. 

Adam Patterson

Adam Patterson

IF I can say I understand at least a little about documentary photography, street photography, photojournalism, personal projects, and anything to due to this lineage, I certainly owe every piece moving me in a universe of suggestions, directions, inspirations to this Irish photographer. He’s the one responsible for introducing me this track where once I stepped into , I couldn’t do anything, but keep following. Everything began with this name, his undeniable talent, perseverance, his passion and addicting insightful lines to see and to transmit. I got stuck in his language, I found creatively the world I was looking for, topping any sensitive emotional intellectual criterions I urged before. That’s him…the one who changed everything and from then on, so much learning and upheavals. He’s been dedicated to marginalised counter cultures and silent characters, building with mature talent a work meeting his relentless mind from drugs facility in Canada, the life and turnaround of an ex-knife gang member, heroin addicts in Wales, the trapped miners in Chile, the workers of Dubai, the personal ‘Men and my daddy’, stories inside prisons , and Ireland old  influence on new realities . Check him out ..he can possibly change also your way of seeing:


Laura El- Tantawy

Laura El-Tantawy

She’s the photographer I identify myself the most with. She can be precise using the camera, lighting, shadows, portraits ,  exposure and composition in a way that captures your attention and when you get off the trance, her name remains. Laura has a gift: to seek. And she makes photography a powerful art board. Suddenly, it turns out to be not about the language, but the forms to represent it. She bounces as a master on emotional, evolving sentimental, puzzling and subjective lacunas. Laura is never obvious, but she’s always true. She’s the best of Rebecca Webb plus Michael Ackerman running to the edges , but still she makes herself simply Laura Tantawy looking at the mirror and that I got to admire a lot. She’s not afraid to find her way into photography while finding herself along the way. Check out “ I’ll die for you “ and tell me later on


Sebastian Liste

Sebastian Liste

He’s a natural. He has everyone impressed, it’s kind of comprehensible when it’s arduous to  ignore the grasp of  his award winning essay (Urban Quilombo-Bahia). First time I’ve checked his work, it seemed that from the “emerging” term I could rely on prospects,  aligning his future, and the picture I’d have from this exercise… it  is grandiosity. He’s arrived in a good time, with a good demanding social purpose where he transits with a  easiness so uncommon to witness. He gets there , he makes the work and all of the rest to work in his favor.  I hope he keeps in this track, cause he ‘s raising expectations and he set the bars high. Do this once is already hard, to keep doing , that’s the trick  and the trigger.  Hope he does… We’ll be waiting. Anxiously.


Walter Astrada

Walter Astrada

The photographer with power to have me in some noblest sensitive state of mind. I can’t forget his name in any list of my promising bets. It seems that a divine photographic entity is watching this man. He‘s always in the right time, right place, right snap in the shutter , delivering the impact and the unimaginable, beautiful overall. I don’t make sense by words , but he does by photography. Or I should stop looking for a prolific explanation and finally to agree that he’s only one of the talented ones outside, and also, one of the good guys carrying  uplifting concepts.  Astrada is always choosing the right fights; the human rights, the female roles,  physical, cultural violence against the genre. The camera on his hands is an alchemy of senses and poetry. Heart beats…I’m warning you


Jukka Onnela

Jukka Onnela

The first time I’ve checked his work was in 2009. After “a kind of error” essay, I assure you, you’ll never forget his name. I was addicted. I can assume the excitement of D’agata, Petersen and Eugene Richards with this young blood brought to the family. But Jukka is still visually way disturbing, enigmatic, seductive, poetic and intense in his own vagrancy (in case the mistake  is made and it’s expected from him to be fit in a box). The way chosen by his camera and his need for expression,  this duet  seems sufficient for his unsatiable freedom on exploring and venturing himself into sort of  scanning of his personal chapters. I’ve never read about none that reached  all those needs or what is possibly  deciphered on “what to be offered”  from his eyes. You just feel it. That discomfort on evoking reactions, on pulling out emotions, on fearless exposition, on having your complete attention …that should be an award for any creative voice. Jukka has an imperative one


Danny Wilcox Frasier

Danny Wilcox Frasier

I always stop my day when a new body of work from Danny W Frasier pops up  at the screen. He has what to say and the comprehension of the realities he’s focused in , that’s translated  really spirited. He pushes the good lighting, he made himself found on black and white,  he’s courageous enough to cross lines, flows with subjects and to have you  wondering. Game of reflection where he eventually wins, cause those images got recorded in  your memory, repeated, details and  new additional details haunting your perception. You want to understand and till that  happens…contemplation. Like I mentioned,  we have a  winner

Check “Detroit”, please…


Dominic Bracco ll

Dominic Bracco ll

Like happens with  all the Prime mates (each one of them  who have my profound admiration),  Dominic acts for excellence. 2011 was his year and I never listened one name more than his or I never saw one essay from an emerging photographer being spread in so many respectable vehicles. Exaggeration? There’s no such thing in Bracco’s journey. There wouldn’t be other way around, it couldn’t be different. He pushes boundaries and he goes far. Dominic is young, but age, years of experience, has nothing to do with vocation, adeptness, gift. He has all of them in the right direction. He doesn’t waste neither disappoints. So whatever, wherever, whenever his name shows up…you consciously know it’s deserved to take a look , and prepare for the gran finale, all you have to do is to be ready for  applauses


The Super Aussie Squad:


Kerry Payne, Andrew Quilty and David Maurice Smith

Check out Head On Festival Highlights

Pete Longworth

Pete Longworth

He’s the most exciting and seductive photographer I know. He made me understand that photography isn’t about the camera you use or to decide among film, digital or tech contest. It’s fun, it’s visceral, it’s myriad ways and platforms to play with, to convey more room for creativity, to embrace the subjectivity and let one great idea to flow, to obey instincts , don’t fear the interaction, how personal it can get and your role to reflect it back. Search, loss, love, and to get lost. Basically, don’t underestimate the power of craziness . Go outside, go disarmed,  go  ahead and shoot!


Vissaria Skoulidas

Vissaria Skoulidas

11 years old and the most solid bet of a spectacular photographer on her way. She can’t avoid…it’s there.

She’s impressive for the maturity not expected from a 11 old, the typical sensitiveness, pureness and naivety from her age, add the joy and optimism, the pleasure of having a camera on hands and discovering a new ‘language’ into new scenarios. She introduces you  this  hopeful, playful perspective, something  that usually gets lost along the way, cause growing  up involves to embrace some tension, the drama, some faithless way  to “see”.  She reminds you of that sparkle, dragging you to her sensitive  world. You accept the ride, you  don’t even  blink how pleasing it is.  Buy her prints now and wait…that’s a serious smart investment



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