Exposed – Behind the Conviction

Photography is art

The basic principle that brings me here, drags me in front off this keyboard, hammering it, compulsively tapping, sliding without caution and venturing into small pauses,  kind  of  my epic moments staring the screen looking for kind of epiphany to organize jumbled thoughts…Let them flow ..

Photography is art.

A conviction of the modern world. None doubts it and we can exempt the debate, because arguments don’t reverse this absolute certainty, but they do shake and create roads to make it more creative. Some flexibility…blank spots

It wasn’t always like, this and merely for that… thanks god (for those who believe on this sacred source) and thanks the the brainy ones, once the “so easy” doesn’t fit as a good combination,  not even in  rhyme, context, justice to this feat. So,  drop it.

The truth is every conviction was once a hypothesis. And if not the ignorant flashes of statements, limited murmurs, the prejudiced dogmas, the appreciators of false alarms, there wouldn’t exist the role models, the examples, the rebels, the idols, the icons, the triumph over the significance

Once upon a time, there was the enthusiastic argument :

Photography is objective, a controllable enigma, bringing the beautiful and the ugly, where the immediate comprehension-definition- sensation of reality runs over the underlying  terms

Then comes Diana Arbus with her ruthless poetic obsession for the inside world confronting the outside . Sentimental pioneer who digging into the frustration of understanding her role, she put her Rolleiflex in front off the unexpected subjects, verbalized in the name of unknowns and subjects, making famous the search for the secrets and the doubts as flags of the progress between the bizarre and the “normalness” portraits

And there was a time when there were some people and some others who believed that photographers were a legion of a mediocre, unoccupied mind people with odes to creativity and contention of geniality

If you had given a Canon to Dali, he’d have another name; Melvin Sokolsky. It doesn’t entail the rote of intellectual surrealist notions , he made it to be all about the surprise, the detailed investigation, not the “ what is this” but the respectful jealousy on “ how could someone  ever possibly thought about that”. Melvin and his bubbles of possibility. Daydreams of the artist in the edges proving that when  camera on hands, even imagination can be overmatched. Now, please, define genius again

And how many mocked inducted by some logic defense:

The red is forbidden and bw is the safe acceptable refugee. Everyone opts for it, for  pleasing everyone who sees it

And who would detain the multi chromatic Eggleston, like a rowdy kid who doesn’t respect rules, keep wandering in a colorful imaginative world of exaggerated colors, challenging human nature for first reaction , the untuned normality , lighting versus technology, because he revealed remnants of his stubborn mind and he did a point: the beauty and context of each spectrum needs to be respected

I didn’t listen, but there were some here and there, who said that landscape is the monotony of space, a static tasteless trip who has nothing to say

Ansel Adams must have listened and created his self revolution. He puts his hat and he followed tireless the stunning nature in raw state. sheets of landscape which would enslave eyes, and impregnated in memory, everything would seem orientated by a balance, by winds, wilderness and isolation

They believed : that wouldn’t be possible to create fantasy

If  Simon O’Dwyer had listened, would be the end of his mermaids and also the pretention in the junction of daring visual elements .  Would  be the start over of the diffuse meanings, the end of the description of contemporary art, termination of the playful, and fantastic. It would be the end of the magic

Ad they stood flags; War is for soldiers , it  is not for photographers

And Robert Capa, Nachtwey, W. Eugene Smith they dressed their vests… settling courageous pact with the loyal narrative pointing out the chaos , the destructive power and the ignorance along the  conflicts plot.

They accepted the challenge..Either this or would be soldiers, honors, heroes deleted from the History , evaporating in non told stories

They dressed their vests. Civilians facing the verdict between glory and danger bringing home the records, proving that war isn’t for soldiers, isn’t for photographers. The war isn’t for anyone

They told ; none would endure the real truth of one reality

Eugene Richards laughed of the joke and showed we live with that closer than  how we wish , more distant than the necessary. Human, fragile creatures in multiple failures and when the insensitiveness blinds, there are cameras like his that immortalizes the reminder: look inside and by this side … the real truth inside a reality

And  the new air of protests standing flags in defense of the difference, the beginning of the polemic, the triumph of the awareness never ceded

Photography is art

Conviction of the modern world


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