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GOALLLL!!!! It’s gone to Brazil!

Brazilian Photography … IF all that comes to your mind is Sebastião Salgado…

Time to open your eyes !

Here the brazilian photographers dreamteam I carefully selected for the challenge. They are hungry for the game, succeeding in all the positions and bringing trophies home Read More…


Exposed: “It reminds me of something…”

Painting and photography. How can they come together?

Influence, merely coincidence or pure imagery?

I dived into it… and I’m sharing my experiment and my 32 visual ‘evidences’ Read More…

Exposed: I saw that coming

John Beasly Greene, Timothy O’Sullivan, Jacob Riis, Dorothea Lange, Life Magazine, Henri  Cartier-Bresson, Manuel Rivera Ortiz, Plato, Miguel Rio Branco.  Ask yourself…

     what do they have in common?

For you, photo junkie, a free pass card to this quick chronological trip by photos and writing Read More…

Interview – Stephen Dupont

Photo magazine, Edition 45, Aug-Sept 2012

Stephen Dupont

“Of course luck is something that is always present and you rely on this, but like I said earlier, I think you almost create your own luck”.  Stephen Dupont

The creative master offering leads to something profound, exciting and undoubtedly…emotional. Read More…

Rising Stars…..

Here I focus in on several photographers that I’ve recently discovered including some rising stars behind the lens. This post includes introductions to: Adam Patterson; Laura El- Tantawy; Sebastian Liste; Walter Astrada; Jukka Onnela; Danny Wilcox Frasier; Dominic Bracco ll; The Super Aussie Squad (Kerry Payne, Andrew Quilty and David Maurice Smith); Pete Longworth; &Vissaria Skoulidas.  Read More…

Books & Essays

Featured in this post are reviews of books and essays by some very talented photographers. Look out for: Anton Kusters; Sam Harris; Panos Skoulidas; Zun Lee; Federica Valabrega; Bob Black; Richard Beaven; Anna Maria Antoinette; Natalie Grono; Lance Rosenfield; Murray Fraser; Andrew Steiner; David McGowan; Michael Webster, Cameron Neville & Tracey Tomtene.  Read More…

Rencontres d’Arles Highlights

by Audrey Bardou

(our sweet French Photo Junkie)


“and yes, I’m a little  photographers groupie type,  and I collect signed postcards!”

Our French photo junkie princess Audrey spent 2 days at Arles (2012)  and try to guess which photographer gave her one more postcard…

Arles (France), July 2012

From 2nd-8th July in Arles there were: Read More…

Exposed – Based on a True Story

Based on a True Story

David Alan Harvey, Based on a True Story

Love me or hate me.

I’ve been reading so much, giving time and reflecting on the biggest mystery I can recall right now: what makes success? Read More…

Interview – Christopher Anderson

Photo magazine, Edition 44, June-July 2012

Christopher Anderson l Photo by Natalie Keyssar

“Im not a missionary and it’s not my purpose to save the world. I take photos. And I share reflections of my experience”. Christopher Anderson Read More…

Interview – Jim Goldberg

Photo magazine, Edition 43, Apr-May 2012

Jim Goldberg l Photo by Manuela de Leonardis

He entails layers of originality, empowering the ‘language’, enticing and leaving traces to confront your perception. Read More…

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