Exposed – Working with ‘the man’

The commands are being shaped by a stiff loyalty to his own work style.  It would be easier if just come out verbal, because then, one yell, one hand signal, you’d accept the condition of training dog and you’d take obedience to one level  where the  expected pace is dictated,  you can hide behind the automatic reaction .

David Alan Harvey & Roberta Tavares

But instead of that, it comes the implied orientation running over the easiness, the part you venture calling it by the names ; smartness, instinct, interactivity, connection, the feelings and senses working in the system: brain and action.

I gave it another name ( that  talks to me in a more optimistic way) I call it observation and relying on the compass, feeling yourself in the theorem, choosing the sensitive direction, to catch it right, to be gentle in assimilations. Understanding that it’s in purpose. Even accidents can find their reasons and progress in forms of controlled happenings. That’s David provoking, inspiring, trusting on you. It initially freaked me out cause they (the glimpses of the correct coordinate, to handle interceptions and to return the trust ). Glimpses are scaring by the nature of not being impositions. Some of us work following the schedules…safe shift and safe drive way home and dinner in the table awaits still warm.

David can’t entail as an organizational illustration on many aspects , but I dare someone more committed and organized working in his time, with his deadline, guided by lighting , by the subject contribution. So, dealing with him it’s more a practice of learning his codes, of recognizing what his photography is about, of watching and observing his needs. It has to do with patience, but specially to find your role there. He won’t push you to be the best he ever had ..but suddenly you feel caught by the involvement , by believing in the importance of that. When that time arrives, you pull the trigger in self charges “the best I can do”, pushing boundaries, mental silent self evaluations, and ironically, you see yourself in some agreement , understanding, peace with that. You’ll learn, in the hardest way, in the  sweetest way.

For what I’ve been experiencing…there is the main guidance that assures you that mistakes will be made but everything will be ok

1) Do make sure. The number one rule. Primordial. Essential. It means to search, to ask, and re ask, to listen and doubt, to be back and yes… to ask again…One confirm, double check, 100% sure, the four sides, upside, to predict, to play with the unexpected,  to plan one step forward, the games it can rise, to deduct and to be in control.

That’s the rule that makes sense for what he’s done and still has been doing in Rio and how he manages to build his career. That’s his obsession , and seems easy when technology, communication, and then, the human aspect, the eventualities, the leaps take part on the plan…. It is NOT that  they don’t work and they can’t exist…actually…surprise! They do, they can do it for good, and for the charm of unexpected, that is a huge advantage itself to work appreciating those. If it’s not, anyway, something to enrich the surprising elements in the presentation or  around a bar’s table. In the worst scenario… at least, to rise the sacred ultimate deal for a professional photographer ”to move on”

And the scaring becomes learning that turns out fun and that leads to satisfaction, the best companion to take to the bed when you certainly will not have the privilege of long hours sleep, but some lessons to face when you wake up in  four hours…that’s guaranteed

2) It’s not bad to say I don’t know. Specially if you’re a Brazilian and that is felt as razor in our self esteem. As long as it ‘s a fleeting sentence and you are compelled to move the reality for something simpler as “ I’ll figure out”. Don’t retract all your doubts to an answer with no fundament, relying on the lucky that a confirmation will wont be required. David likes straight away, go to the point, yes or no, to have an answer which can direct plans and expectations, ‘maybes’ heading to somewhere, arguments are worthy to think about. But if you are absolute sure, stand up for it, defend it to death, because not only David, everyone admires that

3) Don’t be happy with the safest choice. So orthodox, different, uncommon, atypical. He’s a photographer, he worked with the free flowing fleeting guts which got him in photography, it didn’t change not even the passion, not even the curiosity, what to say about the drive? He gives soul heart and body to the excitement when he got the killer, the one..the one is his leader, and even if it’s tricky having his mom worried of the danger, even reckless, it’s easier to deal with the risks than the frustration of the “ I almost got it”. What stops you? David can answer that:  “almost nothing”



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