Exposed – My camera rocks

Photography is pure rock in roll.

This bombastic revelation occurred me today , exactly when I had my ipod and new camera on hands. The epiphany that seemed so absurd , alienated, and surprising , that before I could prepare myself on non stopping laugh session front off the joke and inadequacy of the statement.. Suddenly, my initial humorous anecdote became to intrigue me in some coherent disturbing analysis instead of some expected boos.

It’s sartuday, 1:23 am, and answering your question: I drank a lot already , but no , I’m not drunk, neither stone and makes sense. That worries me. Still…the truth is: Photography is rock in roll

(sidenote: I’ve ever always asked myself why most of the photographers has serious tendency to rock addiction. Time to give it some methodical thought)

Before my compelled analysis, anticipating the smiles, here comes the warning: the challenge is only valid for lovers, sympathizers, appreciators of the both sacred arts , the real photo junkies. If you don’t fit in this criterion , find something else for a constructive reading or keep giving me the honor of your presence and I do accept in return, a sportive mood facing your disapproval air and the depreciative critic, because independent of how hard and imaginative I work on this one, my good will in your favor, if you don’t fit in this main rule, the metaphors will be  domed , and the humor (my mantra, excuse,  and the main goal orientation of this post ..) will be lost. You’re warned.

Overall conclusions:

Both universes: photography and rock in roll, distinctive natures and complete sanctuaries from bad ass motherfuckers to wise genius intellectuals creative artists …

Both nurture and require the finest of the respective senses, like the eyes are for photography as ears for music.

Both resist time, both has your time and in both every disciple want to know and understand as much as possible,and if  it seems hard, they go over harder.

So, only based on  those arguments, there’s no disdain facing the assumption; they can come aligned, they fit in similarities , become specular and for many angles to deal with , they perform in a dependent stage. ..what seems reasonable than ever. Combination of  arts, marriage of visuals and sound. They can be melodic portraits or  flashes of melody, likely to be more aligned than your good sane straight senses suggest.

That’s the  part I need your colaboration: Open your mind and prepare your heart for what my perception  leads me to pair and compare…

The confusion, rivalry between the “new era”  and “gold era”  Bresson old school photography

Frame the legends: Zeppelin and Van Halen. Everyone judges to have info and comments in the both sides of the battle. There’s no space for 2 for one. You choose, you defend Eddie genius Halen, you want to marry Robert Plant, but if you say the both belongs to the same stage, comes the you really want to throw them together or it’s better to instigate the separation and avoid the wear , the tear up, the crowdy and most important…the risk  to suppress many of the talents once they  exceed any combo  package’s capability.  Drop the case.  Leave them free  and keep loving them on their own way.

Fine Art is inspiration for classics. You set the jam and pull off the gig with simple beings as Clapton and Hendrix and here we go. Everyone mesmerized by contemplating endless reasons for  praises , asking themselves where that came from, where that will go, and you arrive home still trying to overmatch the elaborated “language”and then the attempt of some understanding.

Now, if you call for Sex Pistols, what would be visually more intriguing , loud, provoking and far from social stereotypes , but documentary photography? Documentary photography is punk, my dear.

Landscape just can lead to Beatles. You are never tired to listen, never enough to look, because in the end, simplicity always works out and independent of the generation, it’ll always be there as inspiration,  guidance and admiration.

Fashion photography, the best music portrait is in Britain. Catwalk ready for the indie revolution. Stylish, fashionable, and always with something alternative to offer.

Photojournalism can be defined by the central idea of u2 and its pop rock. The message sells. Put together the facts, the rules and ways to generate sensibility to reach the audience , you fulfilled the eyes of your commissioner and wait… cause once they’re engaged to your name, that finally can mean profitable digits.

Adding to this theory , for the lineage of progressive, I vote for war conflict photography. When what comes in mind is the improvisation of challenges, don’t know what comes next, becomes interludes between dangerous riffles, noises and constant overcoming.

Wedding photography…I leave for Cobain troupe and its maniacs, the perfect matrimony with the grunge . They think high , not so much worries with the melodic waves, but focus on the details, lyricism, what the moment has to say.

From Rock a Billy, sports photography…to work collectively, the fun, the adrenaline, time to break down barriers of selfism, till the final line..and then.. champagne… and dance floor

And finally heavy metal…the perfect sound definition for amateurs. You know it will make noise, basically silly lyrics and there  will be always  the doubt  if something good will come out of that.

Depending on the angle we focus, you can smile and agree.

Photography is pure rock in roll.


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