Exposed – Seconds

Open your eyes …

Are you sure you’re looking ?

The silence to confrontation, condemning the stiffness of space

Failing to drag intimidation

Don’t ask, keep flirting… watch your fleeting feet on my direction

You entail the trance…dooming the pointers on watch’s disconnection,

Standing still, frozen ,fixed,

close and closer, I surrender to your pace of inception .

Ironic that you came out from my secret wish

You don’t judge me, stereotypes away from me,,

I can listen the murmurs while questioning .

Either powerful or merely foolish

You …the invisible way out intriguing me

I can see on you face

It’s there, still discreet .

I saw it before.. that grin known by confidence beyond hesitation

3 seconds… veins, tranquilizer for senses, pulsation

The finger ready for the trigger

Contend with the control ..

Hold on and breath, step back,

insult the predictability, resist to the right act

Mock of the childish regrets and laughter…

fallen purposes driving obvious neglects

Patience and comprise reluctance…

That’s your frame and there is only one

yeah…respect the agonizing formula of relevance

Drown in the old story of defying instincts

The silence greets again compelling the most convict

Fear of the freedom or the freedom into a fear

Another time for beginning…

Don’t move. It’s on you skin Can you feel it ?

As heart beating in the angst of what comes next

Look deep and don’t divert attention

The unstable messy point between unpredictable and inevitable

A last call for contention

Headed to the tightrope…

The torment capturing the pressure on witnessing the perfect moment

Don’t mislead glory with accomplished mission

I know…it’s tempting

Stop…Recede…for one instance to record …

It’s there, discreet .I saw it before

That look…The look…One more.

The flash suspending defenses and there goes the frozen seconds underestimating ..

Calculus, pushing, waiting, tiredness ,shifting staring and claiming

From the all that matter to polemic, the verdict:

You trust on me your braveness

The old haunting loathing game. conveying the value of battles The price of digging uniqueness

You keep staring.

It’s what you do

Your eyes still watching me~

Why are you still there ?

Hung up on a overdue

The connection of pertinent mind and heart

Convinced that I’m the proof

It’s what you are

I’m not ready for the command of your finger

Automatism never up to the collapse of the pleasing common sense

Break down and bring the unpleasing me

The pearls behind the nonsense

~Give me time..Hold on.. Not yet.. keep looking

Are you liking what you see ? Are they gonna like by me ?

Who tells me when the lighting obfuscate the hidden landscape

Who are you responding for the uncover mission and this fifty details of escape ?

The refugee for the implied subject

Contrast for the abstract “you and me” concept

Affectional and emotional blurred object

Colors to entice feelings , to entire models for the sensitive race

Tell me it’s possible to print the unlocked truths and silent traces

Tell me and look me again…

Here the face has nothing to promise but never dissimulate

Can you capture from my lips

Nothing from the comfort zone of orchestrated smiles

I have a secret ,that if shared with this box on your hand, promise me it won’t be ours

and kept ours. Release it. Remember it

I crave for my dedicatory, from lifetime achieved :

“For those ones not ashamed of their story and language”

Dialects, and codes waiting to be deciphered

Expressions evoking the panel of programmed intellects

Carry my voice and approach your lens

I don’t ask you to be direct

Ask, and before you fit my eyes and tell me you understand

Words which have never existed..

Read me… Look at my eyes, ladies and gentles

I’m paralyzed in this square

Our talk resists to length of time and limits of space

I honor your despair

And you don’t let me go

Who needs to know where I came from

Look at me !

I need you; photographer and adrenaline

I’m ready…

That’s time…

Pull the trigger


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