Look 3 2012 Highlights

by Panos Skoulidas

Charlottesville (USA), June 2012.

“Im not gonna judge it, but if I were, I’d say…”

The one and only insane genius revolutionary photo junkie Panos Skoulidas was at Look3 2012. His report highlights the work of David Doubilet, Lyndsey Addario, Stanley Greene, Camila Seaman, Alex Webb, Dona Ferrato & Bruce Gilden.

David Doubilet- Under Exposed

David Doubilet l Photo by Tom Daily

Amazing technically speaking. He does photos. Not my style, not my thing. I’m not gonna judge it, but if i were, I’d say ‘too NatGeo’ for me.

Lyndsey Addario- Veiled Rebellion

Lynsey Addario l Photo by Brendan Hoffman

Lyndsey made me cry…Real Tears, no kidding… She told us stories of WOMEN, some powerful some not, some strong, some exhausted, abused, who’d given up…She brought on stage her little baby too and that brought even more tears…. Lyndsey is a TRUE SENSITIVE WORLD LOVING PJ !!!…. SHE IS A GODDESS !!!

Stanley Greene- Evidence

Stanley Greene l Photo by Michael Nichoels

Stanley is the classic ‘Stanley Greene’… nostalgic, film lover, technology ‘hater’ (smiling), a TRUE BREED of  the good old school of photojournalism. He is an Icon, he is his own story from the glamour of fashion and rock ‘n’ roll to the traumatic frontlines of wars. A street man, a superstar, but most importantly, a super sensitive gentle soul, a charismatic soul who’s WITNESSED ‘a lot’ to say the least… in one word: a MASTER!!!

Camille Seaman – Last Iceberg and Robin Schwartz – Amelia’s world

Camille Seaman l Photo by Jon Golden

They seemed to have good reviews, but unfortunately I couldn’t attend and so  I honestly cant report so much, because I had some BURN DUTIES to work on..etc

Robin Schwarz l Photo by Michael Nichoels

Alex Webb- The suffering of Light

Alex Webb l Photo by Benjamin Myers

I know Alex and Rebecca personally – we met at the Kibbutz NY around XMAS. They did a nice presentation to us (DAH, Eva, Danny W F, were also there) introducing the same essay… Alex is great what can i say? He’s a referential name for everyone working in colour and has the best use of light. The Webbs are both ‘one of a kind’ photographers doing an amazing job.

Dona Ferrato- Unbeatable

Donna Ferrato l Photo by Michael Nichoels

DONNA FERRATO stole my heart… SHE IS A REAL GODDESS…. a mix of Nan Goldin with Sally Man and Deborah Harry and Nico and … Jim Morrison…oh my God…a true ROCK STAR…but with a BIG IDEA… A BIG CAUSE… to help ‘wake sleeping consciousnesses up’.. to ‘liberate’ minds, to create the UNBEATABLE…

UNBEATABLE means ANTI-ABUSE…do not submit to your abuser, female or not…

So ANOTHER STRONG WOMAN this year….At DAH’s final party she had those huge ink stamps and inked the people she liked..and then photographed them..I was lucky to be one of the ‘chosen’ ones…I’m very proud of that…we just talked last night btw..im very interested in her next ‘moves’….

Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden l Photo by Jon Golden

BRUCE? what can I say about him? The same grumpy old man from Brooklyn complaining about everything Woody Allen style…I LOVE the man! I jumped out of a taxi just to say hello to him…( I almost forgot to pay the taxi).




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