Exposed – Once upon a time

Once upon a time…

They said that a good god created the sacred land, a refugee of beauty and creative acumen called photography as we know (but like Louis Saguerre who was the one who invented the photo camera, I think God has to share the credits on this one) 

And the devil made sure to make it more interesting and introduced the free rebel spirited world, libertine instinctive approach and the flaw marginalized fragile spectacle called photography as we love

Playground for the devil and among the facilitator; the human nature, he becomes in charge of the easiest part: making visible the imperfections , the suffering, ascending the contrast between love and hate, weakness and strength, irrational and human

Considering what they say, and god is omnipresent and fair … heaven and hell evolved dependently in some extreme display that many would call radicalism of hands shakes, the junction of edges,  the end of the world. They worked together, in the surveillance, watching who dominates who, and for so long , fed by some autonomy of the truth you see and the truth you want to see. The beautiful, the deplorable, the hopeless, the pure hope thrown in the most unexpected corners… All mixed, all exposed and true… Take  or leave it.

Devil advocating a good cause couldn’t go wrong and the provocations came along…people, wars, and lost stories in the anonymity. And what to do if not burning films and setting free the disciples to follow with frames the primal ritual of searching and longing for answers? Do you need evidences? More flames?

In some moment angels looked carefully and decided that the challenge should be balanced and announced a decree: human confidence vote, an alarm waking up the loyal faithful legion, the drove selection, creative and inapposite in an endless exercise of investigation. Not so simple as in a J-Day plot dictation. And a piece of paradise came out : contemporary photography isn’t about happy ending and entertainment. A new bible dividing hell and heaven where the meaning is above the subject (making jealous even the skillful evil) Everything is allowed in this senses appropriation , it’s worth the challenge, the wait and the lack of pretence on judgment, the right angle, the colors and vain rebellion. Many surrender to the luxury evoking richness and popularity, some to the humbleness in attentive eyes and haunted by obtuse questions marks. Photography becomes to be felt and seem as artistic principle (and we begin to believe in men as god…at least how more precision I’d define Robert Frank ?) It seems someone listened the pray; -Amen

Promised land to the ones who doesn’t make their existence a  cast of archetype. A piece in the earth breaks up with any obligation with the esthetical sense, and the utopia, the need of proving something to many, and by flashes, to convert in originality,  the acting for the message, to take the language and to heal the blinded and indifferent ones, to conquest new worlds, to be beyond you and sometimes transcendent , the legion has focused in the identities, the driven watchmen of a time, protecting faces, moments, expressions stuck in that instance , and once released , a new testimony book being spread: reveal yourself man ! They will return in dignity

We still have them wandering with the guns in their necks, they win the dogma of immortality, and in each new mission, more courage, bigger faith in the purpose of exposition. I pray for the good sense and my prays to the unquiet eyes in action

Because that’s my bible and photography is definitely my religion


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