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Exposed – My camera rocks

Photography is pure rock in roll.

This bombastic revelation occurred me today , exactly when I had my ipod and new camera on hands. Read More…


Exposed – Working with ‘the man’

The commands are being shaped by a stiff loyalty to his own work style.  It would be easier if just come out verbal, because then, one yell, one hand signal, you’d accept the condition of training dog and you’d take obedience to one level  where the  expected pace is dictated,  you can hide behind the automatic reaction .

David Alan Harvey & Roberta Tavares

Read More…

Exposed – Seconds

Open your eyes …

Are you sure you’re looking ?

The silence to confrontation, condemning the stiffness of space

Failing to drag intimidation

Don’t ask, keep flirting… Read More…

Interview – Simon O’Dwyer

Photo magazine, Edition 40, Oct-Nov 2011

Simon O’Dwyer

“Don’t put me in a box and give me a label”  Simon O’Dwyer

When fine art and photojournalism collide, the creative and subjective prevail. For the sake of the survival of galleries and publications. Read More…

Interview – Prime Collective

Photo magazine, Edition 39, Aug-Sept 2011

Prime Collective are Lance Rosenfield, Brendan Hoffman, Melanie Burford, Max Whittaker, Charlie Mahoney & Dominic Bracco ll

“We’re a collective, not an agency”.  Lance Rosenfield

Fresh tools, upgraded models, ascending challenges . A new era . Yes… they are ready! Read More…

Interview – David Alan Harvey

Photo magazine, Edition 38, June-July 2011

David Alan Harvey

The streets are his homework. Everyday life is his inspiration. The way both communicate to his camera became his legacy. Read More…

Look 3 2012 Highlights

by Panos Skoulidas

Charlottesville (USA), June 2012.

“Im not gonna judge it, but if I were, I’d say…”

The one and only insane genius revolutionary photo junkie Panos Skoulidas was at Look3 2012. His report highlights the work of David Doubilet, Lyndsey Addario, Stanley Greene, Camila Seaman, Alex Webb, Dona Ferrato & Bruce Gilden. Read More…

Head On Festival Highlights

Sydney, Australia, May 2012

“I arrived in Sydney with expectations and natural enthusiasm. I came back full of notes, names and supra satisfaction”

Now in its third year, the Head On Photo Festival is Australia’s biggest photo festival and the second largest in the world. Activating over 114 venues in Sydney, through more than 230 exhibitions and events the 2012 festival showcased the work of over 1190 photographers. Read More…

Exposed – Once upon a time

Once upon a time…

They said that a good god created the sacred land, a refugee of beauty and creative acumen called photography as we know (but like Louis Saguerre who was the one who invented the photo camera, I think God has to share the credits on this one)  Read More…

Exposed – Emotional creativity versus financial One

That’s a fragile tenuous line.

A self conscious dilemma.

Yes..I bet you’ve been there.  Read More…

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